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Made Just for You: Why Custom Furniture Tailored to Your Body Type is a Smart Investment.

5 Key Factors I Consider When Building a Custom Sofa For You...

  1. Seat Depth - I start by considering your height to ensure the seat depth is just right. It should be long enough for comfort but not so long that your feet don't touch the floor.

2. Back Support - Next, I ensure your head comfortably rests against the back of the sofa for a perfect lounging experience, especially when watching TV.

3. Arm Height - I also pay close attention to the arm height to ensure your arm and shoulder are comfortable and well-supported, however, if sofa's arms are too high its uncomfortable.

4. Custom Fit for Couples - If one person is over 6 feet tall and the other is around 5 feet, I design the sofa to accommodate the tallest person, ensuring maximum comfort for everyone is all about the pillows.

5. Price of Sofa depends on fabric cost - When I have an idea of clients budget I select fabrics that will work within their budget. Fabric's start at about $40.00 per yard and up.

What's the cost of a custom sofa...?

This sofa below which is a standard 82" wide frame, starts at $5,00.00 and up. The final price depends on details and the costs of fabric. Its more affordable than some high-end furniture stores but more expensive than retail. However, if you only had to buy one sofa in your lifetime, would you choose custom?

Some clients custom sofa's below...

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