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Have you ever thought of making a change to your home? Whether it's a complete renovation, a kitchen or bath upgrade, or simply decorating a room, we understand how overwhelming the process can be. Here’s our process.


Step 1 - The Interview

Every project begins with an on-site consultation. This is typically a two-hour on-site meeting. Whether your project is a renovation, kitchen and bathroom reno or decorating any room, this is still an essential step. The consultation is an opportunity for me to offer you ideas and suggestions, get to know you and your project and answer any of your questions. This jumping off point will allow me the to then provide a detailed scope of work list which will be sent to you after our first meeting.

Step 2 - Sourcing & Design Plan

After our initial consultation, I will create a design concept for clients allowing them to visualize the space. It will include some or all of the following features, depending on the complexity of the project.


  • Architectural finishes and color schemes for furniture, furnishings, and millwork drawings.

  • Detailed plans, elevations, reflected ceiling plans, intricate details, and/or sketches if required.

  • Fabric samples and pictures of products.

  • A comprehensive presentation package.

  • A concept picture board to feature the design concept.

  • Paint and wallpaper samples.

  • Samples for clients to see, touch, and experience during the presentation.

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Step 3 - Buying, Design Process and Final style day

As an interior decorator, I understand the complexity involved in every renovation or decorating project. At my firm, we excel in managing all the intricate details from beginning to end. With an extensive network of resources and strategic partnerships, we consistently provide exceptional, hands-on service and deliver exquisitely creative solutions that bring our vision to life. Each project culminates in a remarkable and awe-inspiring final reveal, leaving our clients amazed and delighted with the transformation.


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