Styling a Bookcases – 5 helpful tips you can do now…

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Here are 5 easy tips you can do now to style a bookcases…

Step 1 – Install wallpaper, paint a stencil design or paint the back of the bookcase to give it a unquie layered look.

Step 2 – Collect all your books and different colours and sizes, place them in different directions on the bookcases this gives it nice balance.

Step 3 – Place pictures on the bookcases by layering them and also on books.

Step 4 – Find around your house and buy different size objects like vases, bowls, baskets and even this clients much beloved frog.

Step 5 – Remember to mix your metals, both gold and silver for best practice do the 80/20 rule. 80% silver and 20% gold or visa/versa.

And remember NEVER put candles in a bookcases, not practical.