Stencil idea… 3 Easy Steps

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Jacklynn Little Interiors – One Wall Stencil idea

Try stenciling instead of expensive wallpaper, not only will you save hundreds of dollars you will have a new skill. To stencil a wall takes only 3 simple and easy steps…

Step 1 – Select the right stencil based on the style of your home, do you have a traditional, contemporary, modern, transitional or mid-century design style.

Step 2 – Picking the right paint colour. There are a few ways you can do this… for example if you want to paint the bedroom headboard wall you can paint it a shade lighter or darker in a full gloss OR you can select an accent colour in the bedding or room and use that colour on your stencil wall.

Step 3 – Where to paint your stencil and where to buy. I would suggest painting the headboard wall in a bedroom, back of the sofa wall, all walls in either a foyer or bathroom AND don’t forget the 5th wall the ceiling, especially in a babies room. To buy here is one company…