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Save & Splurge – Outdoor Furniture

If you have a backyard or balcony selecting the right furniture within your price range will take 3 easy steps.

1. Have a budget and research on-line before you leave the house.  This will not only help with less running around you can also price compare and call ahead for products.

2. Select a colour scheme and use it in 3 places.  Bring a little or a lot of colour to your outdoor furniture but use it in 3 places like the pillows, umbrella and outdoor carpet. This will coordinate the look.

3.  Measure, Measure and Measure again. You want to make sure it fits your space before you get it home.

Here are the 2 looks I came up with for Candian Home Trends magazine. SAVE look from Canadian Tire and the SPLURGE look from Hauser.   Enjoy the Outdoors and the SUMMER!