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Save & Splurge – Outdoor Furniture

If you have a backyard or balcony selecting the right furniture within your price range will take 3 easy steps.

1. Have a budget and research on-line before you leave the house.  This will not only help with less running around you can also price compare and call ahead for products.

2. Select a colour scheme and use it in 3 places.  Bring a little or a lot of colour to your outdoor furniture but use it in 3 places like the pillows, umbrella and outdoor carpet. This will coordinate the look.

3.  Measure, Measure and Measure again. You want to make sure it fits your space before you get it home.

Here are the 2 looks I came up with for Candian Home Trends magazine. SAVE look from Canadian Tire and the SPLURGE look from Hauser.   Enjoy the Outdoors and the SUMMER!

How to Change Old Chairs to New – 3 Easy Steps

My Clients had two of these chairs below however, they were outdated and did not match their current design style. They still wanted to use them in their dining room but wanted to update them to go with the open concept of the home. I usually suggest to clients if their furniture is in good shape and the style works with the room there are 3 easy steps to update your furniture without replacing them.

Decorating Idea;

  1. Select fabric that will not only work with your new design however, make sure the fabric is durable and easy to clean.
  2. Select a eggshell paint which is also washable and had a good finish
  3. Find the right upholstery company who does excellent work.

Enjoy your old but New Furniture…. Happy Decorating!

Jacklynn Little Interiors-Chair Before

Jacklynn Little Interiors-Chair After




Clients Condo Living Room – it’s all coming together;

This is the caption not ALT
This is the caption not ALT

I have a new client who was trying to decorate her living room for about 3 years. After much frustration and returning items she asked for my help. During our first meeting she asked me “how do you get started” and “where do you get your inspiration from”… Most of my inspiration for my design concepts comes from you, the client. To start I ask things like who are you, what do you like, what is your style, what colours do you like or dislike, how do you use the space etc.

After that inspiration usually starts with a colour and pattern. When I have an idea of colour you want to use in the room, as an example the rug colour “Teal” above then I have something to start the décor process. What else was needed in this room were draperies, pillows, wall unit, accessories and lighting.

But don’t get scared when a designer ask you this question… “What is your budget for the entire space”?  This is the most important question because it tells me where to shop and how much to spend on a sofa and everything else. After the first meeting I’m off and running to create a décor concept and when that is approved I can give you a timeline when the room will be completed.

If you don’t have room for a headboard, PAINT ONE!

I have a guest bedroom with a queen size bed in it, however, I don’t have room for a headboard. I only have about 2 feet at the end of the bed to move around.              No Problem. So my solution is to paint a head board on the wall, not only do your create a decorative detail but you can always match the colour with the decor.

Check out the start of the head board design below and visit my Photo Gallery for the completed room.