Amazing Bathroom Reno Transformation -Before & After Pictures

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Client’s condo bathroom was dark and outdated
Jacklynn Little Interiors – Client’s beautiful and bright updated condo bathroom
Client’s wanted everything updated
Jacklynn Little Interiors- Classic Black & White bathroom design

Compact Condo Bathroom Renovation Design – Challenges & Solutions

Challenges… 1. Client wanted pedestal sink which meant creating storage someplace in this small bathroom 2. Working in a condo meant limited timeline to get work done 3. Lighting solution where no pot lights could be installed.

Solution… 1. Custom storage cabinet was installed beside the shower and painted black to coordinate with the floor tile 2. Having all the supplies on site before the contractors keeps everything on time and on budget 3. I found this multi purpose mirror and light which included a magnifying circle mirror for best makeup applications. Client loves her new bathroom!